A year ago exactly I was in the middle of the hardest spiritual and emotional turmoil I can remember. A wonderful friend recommended Jonathan Martin’s recently released How to Survive a Shipwreck. It was my introduction to Jonathan. I could not be more thankful for his writing/teaching/prophetic voice. Shipwrecked: I don’t think there was a better word for how I felt. Shipwrecked. It is one of the best books I have ever read, and certainly the most important book I have read in the past five years. You can purchase it here.

This book was a catalyst for healing in me. After all the words and waves settled I began to write, and what came from that was a poem. I’ll post it here, maybe you can resonate with some of this. If so, read this wonderful book by Jonathan Martin, I promise the waves will settle soon, and if you’re at the bottom, I promise there is grace down there too.

Grace In the Depths

 Sinking into the depths
 No drinking, only thirst
 The weight of sin and separation
 No foothold, shipwrecked, only desperation
 “Save me” I cry out
 Will this truly continue?
 Is there no compassion within you
 To rescue one as submerged?
 The salt-water waves surround me
 Thundering, crashing, swallowing
 No light now
 Only darkness abounding
 My eyes grow dim
 There truly is no sign of Him
 This is the fate of the broken and down trodden
 To be swallowed up at the dirt-floor bottom

 How could I have not known?
 In Him I've never been alone
 The chaos that surrounds
 This mire pit of blood-drip sinking with no clinging
 The salt-water wrath was mine to bear
 But you turned the cup face up drinking
 Swallowing every drip-drop ounce of wrath
 It’s not in separation that I’ve been submerged
 This self-idolization must be purged
 For in the depths there is death
 Blackness met with a promise kept
 Out of chaos, light
 The waves will settle
 At the bottom of this place
 Is the end of me
 Swallowed by this raging sea
 Swallowed wrath, new identity
 At the bottom of this place you wait
 For you were plunged first
 Bearing what I deserve

 The waves will settle

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